SPRING?! and are the project lists really shortening?

WELL, we got another snowfall up high last night.  It's been bizarre to have buds breaking and birds chirping when the weather seems to keep pushing back into winter.  Then again, we are hitting the high 70s later this week.  Maybe we'll skip spring and launch right into summer?  Geez, I hope not.

We got our first plants outside last week.  Some were transplants that badly needed to get in the ground (kale, chard, fennel, parsley) and some were early seedings of salad greens, spinach, radishes, and carrots. It's interesting to have done something for so long, and then to change contexts and feel like you're doing everything for the first time.  I have felt that way a lot this month about little things- how we shape our beds in the field, how we transplant, how we harvest, how we display our produce.  Pieces of everywhere I've been carry forward but there are so many new factors, as well.

Two weeks ago, my cousin Phillip came over from Vermont for a weekend and helped us put the woven wire fencing up around our main field. We've got serious deer pressure, and our hope is to deter them from the outset. Eat all the day lilies, but PLEASE stay away from our plants. Little did we know that Phillip was a fencing consultant in his youth so we got expertise, another set of hands, and great company for what could have been a long and lonely task.  Win-Win-Win.

The last (?!) major projects for this spring are to tidy our indoor barn space so that we can use it for wash/pack and storage, and to grade and gravel the outside space for more wash/pack and storage.  We're hoping to complete these projects this month and to be organized for the summer craziness. I'm trying to channel the 'lean farm' philosophy as much as possible in the first, inevitably chaotic year. It feels like we're doing a-ok.  

Tomatoes are in the ground and we're in our last weeks of harvesting greens from the greenhouse before they've got to make way for peppers and basil.  This week we seed our first round of plants to go out after the last frost date- cucumbers, squash, and some tender flowers.Despite what feels like an interminable winter, there are sure signs of spring and we're pretty excited about all that is to come.